Obsolete technology containing music, which may or may not be readily available.

Most of my music has been composed for and recorded in CD-quality audio (44.1 kHz, 16 bit, stereo). I'm considering ways to put my music online with the same audio quality, but for practicality's sake all downloadable music on this site is only in mp3 format for now.

More mp3s can be found via the main music page, or listened to in streaming audio at The Listening Room.

A few pieces have been released on compilation CDs:

Editions Cooky La Moo

From time to time I make up short runs of CDs, occasionally to sell but more often to swap or give away at gigs. Some of the titles below have a few copies left. Some titles may get reprinted. Some titles may not.

Where indicated, some or all of the CD may be downloadable as mp3 files.

All works © Ben.Harper 1997-2010. Recorded in Your Dad’s Den. A Cooky La Moo production.