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Buddy Guy, "Hard But It's Fair" (1962).
(2'28", 4.5 MB, mp3)

Rued Langgaard, Symphony No. 11, "Ixion" (1944-45). BBC Symphony Orchestra /Thomas Dausgaard
(5'54", 9 MB, mp3)

Frankie Mann, "I Was A Hero, from The Mayan Debutante Revue" (1979).
(9'32", 22 MB, mp3)


Boris Blacher, "Sonata für Klavier" (1951). Gerty Herzog, piano.

Sir Gibbs, "People Grudgeful" (1968).

Aldo Clementi, "Otto Variazioni" (2002). Geoffrey Morris, guitar.

Ruby Andrews, "You Made a Believer Out of Me" (1969).

Phil Winsor, "S.T.O.C. 'Same Tired Old Changes'" (1982). Mark Graf, flute; Mary Beth Skaggs, clarinet; Neely Bruce, organ et. al.

Jane Siberry, "Lena Is A White Table" (1987).

James Brown, "Doing The Best I Can" (1974).

Jürg Frey, "Louange de l'eau, louange de la lumière" (2011). basel sinfonietta /Manuel Nawri.

Dane Rudhyar, "Granites" (1929). Sarah Cahill, piano.

Richard Berry, "Oh Oh, Get Out Of The Car" (1955).

Charles Hamm, "Canto" (1963). Helen Hamm, soprano; Elizabeth Hiller, speaker; The Contemporary Chamber Players of the University of Illinois /Jack McKenzie.

The Music Machine, "Dark White" (1968).

Mauricio Kagel, "Unguis incarnatus est" (1972). Siegfried Palm, cello; Aloys Kontarsky, piano.

Roger Roger & his Champs Elysées Orchestra, "Dalilia" (1962).

Bo Diddley, "Power House" (1970).

Dieter Schnebel, "Poem für 4 Köpfe" (1987-89). Other Minds Ensemble.

The Coasters, "Down Home Girl" (1966).

Christian Wolff, "Tilbury 3" (1969). Dimitrios Polisoidis, violin; Hildegard Kleeb, piano.

Sue Thompson, "Norman" (1962).

Luciano Berio, "Sequenza III" (1965-66). Cathy Berberian, soprano.

LaVern Baker, "Saved" (1961).

Ezra Sims, "- and, as i was saying..." (1979). Anne Black, viola.

And, Live at the Curry Family Hotel (1999).

The Sugarcubes, "Pump" (1989).

Alvin Lucier, "Nothing is Real" (1990). Margaret Leng Tan, piano, cassette recorder & teapot.

Lionel Rose, "I Thank You" (1969).

Philip Glass, "Ik-Ook" (1977). Philip Glass, electric organ.

The Winstons, "Amen, Brother" (1969).

Polly Bradfield, "Solo Violin Improvisation No. 2, 19 June 1979" (1979).

The Bobbettes, "I Shot Mr. Lee" (1960).

Maggi Payne, "Spheres" (1977).

Betty Everett, "1900 Yesterday" (1969).

Milton Babbitt, "Reflections" (1974). Robert Miller, piano.

Bernd Alois Zimmermann, "Rheinische Kirmestänze" (1950-62). BBC Symphony Orchestra /Oliver Knussen.

Robert Ashley, "Giving Love Away" (1991).

Richard Trythall, "Omaggio a Jerry Lee Lewis" (1975).

Captain Beefheart and the Magic Band, "Sue Egypt" (1980).

Gene Chandler, "In My Body's House" (1969).

Franco Donatoni, "Refrain" (1986). Nieuw Ensemble /Ed Spanjaard.

Donnie & The Outcasts, "Big Fat Alaskan" (1965).

Anthony Gnazzo, "First Things First" (1975).

Stefan Wolpe, "Second Piece for Violin Alone" (1966). Curtis Macomber, violin.

The Fall, "Hostile" (1996).

Richard Felciano, "Lamentations for Jani Christou" (1971). San Francisco Conservatory New Music Ensemble /Richard Felciano.

Buddy Greco, "Everybody Gets to Go to the Moon" (1969).

Eula Cooper, "Heavenly Father" (1969).

Niccolò Castiglioni, "Romanze" (1990). Arditti String Quartet

Luv'd Ones, "Up Down Sue" (1966).

Ernie Gallagher, "The Cambridge Whistler" (1989). Version for 2 records.

Ben Johnston, "Casta Bertram" (1969). Bertram Turetzky, contrabass; mix by Ben Johnston and Jaap Spek.

Big Star, "I Will Always Love You" (1975).

The Dixie Cups, "Two-Way-Poc-A-Way" (1965).

Josef Matthias Hauer, "Labyrinthischer Tanz, Op. III" (1953). Joseph Kubera and Julie Steinberg, piano.

Clouds, "4 p.m." (1991).

Harry Partch, "The Dreamer That Remains" (1971). Harry Partch, Mark Hoffman, Danlee Mitchell, Jon Szanto, ensemble and chorus conducted by Jack Logan.

Henry Brant, "The Fourth Millennium" (1963). American Brass Quintet.

Jackson 5, "One More Chance" (1970).

Elliott Carter, "Esprit Rude / Esprit Doux" (1985). Sophie Cherrier, flute; André Trouttet, clarinet.

Boredoms, "Shock City" (1994).

Jon Rose, "Spare Body Parts" (2000). Jon Rose, violano.

Buddy Greco, "Everybody Gets to Go to the Moon" (1969).

John Cage, "Eight Whiskus" (1984). Joan La Barbara, voice.

Paul McCartney, "Only Mama Knows" (2007).

Jon Hassell, "Blues Nile" (1978).

Tristan Murail, "Vampyr!" (1984). Wiek Hijmans, electric guitar.

The Triffids, "Nothing Good Is Going To Come Of This" (1982).

Jack Ellitt, "Journey #1 (excerpt)" (early 1930s).

The Aints, "River Deep, Mountain High/Audience Rain Chant" (1991).

Noah Creshevsky, "Great Performances" (1978). Paul Shelden, clarinet; Leonard Hindell, contrabassoon.

Pavement, "Pueblo" (1995).

Gloria Coates, String Quartet No.2 (1972). Kreutzer Quartet.

Deltron 3030, "Positive Contact" (2000).

Autechre, "Uviol" (2001).

Roman Haubenstock-Ramati, "Pour Piano" (1973). Carol Morgan, piano.

Captain Beefheart and the Magic Band, "Sue Egypt" (1980).

Edgar Varèse, "Hyperprism" (1923). Ensemble Intercontemporain /Pierre Boulez.

The Al Wood Orchestra, "Da Ya Think I'm Sexy" (1979?).

Charles Dodge, "He Destroyed Her Image" (1973).

Françoiz Breut, "Si tu disais" (2000).

Rik Rue, "A Longer View" (1995).

Van Morrison, "Thirty Two" (1968).

Dirty Three, "Everything's Fucked" (1994).

Richard Maxfield, "Cough Music" (1959).

The Masters Apprentices, "Undecided" (1966).

Henri Pousseur, "Scambi" (1957).

The Fall, "Dr Buck's Letter" (2000).

Michael Graeve, "Kriesler, Kriesler, HMV" (2004).

Sonic Youth, "Stil" (1997).

Earle Brown, "Event: Synergy II" (1967/68). Ensemble Avantgarde /Earle Brown and Steffen Schleiermacher.

Olivia Newton-John, "Till You Say You'll Be Mine" (1966).

Morton Feldman, "Piano Piece 1952" (1952). Steffen Schleiermacher, piano.

King Loser, "'76 Comeback" (1995).

Anthony Pateras/Slave Pianos, "Santa's Bells (after Mike Kelley)" (1999). Tom Chiu, violin.

Megan Roberts, "I Could Sit Here All Day" (1976). Phil Loarie and William Novak, voices; Danny Sofer, drums.

Ninetynine, "Hawaii" (1997).

Gerry Hatch, "Love Me Tonight" (197?).

James Tenney, "Collage No. 1: Blue Suede" (1961).

Tom Johnson, "Rational Melody XV" (1982). Eberhard Blum, alto flute.

Eugene Chadbourne, "Ochre Ringlet" (1999).

Charlie Louvin, "Cash On The Barrelhead" (1967).

The Raincoats, "Lola" (1979).

Helmut Lachenmann, "Guero" (1970). Mario Formenti, piano.

Lejaren Hiller, "An Avalanche" for pitchman, prima donna, player piano, percussionist and pre-recorded playback (1968). Royal MacDonald, pitchman; Norma Marder, prima donna; Robert Rosen, percussionist; George Ritscher, audio technician.
I. Getting Ready For It
II. The Avalanche
III. Cleaning Up The Mess

The Fall, "English Scheme" (1980).

Brian Ferneyhough, Second String Quartet (1980). Arditti String Quartet.

Talking Heads, "Who Is It?" (1975).

And, "Skip 1" (2001?).

Jon Rose, "Golf, Golf, Golf: Fuck, Fuck, Fuck" (1992). Gillian Jones, voice.

John Cage, "59½" for a string player" (1953). Joëlle Léandre, double bass.

Moab Stringband with Not Drowning Waving, "Abebe" (1988).

Carl Stone, "Vim" (1986).

Galina Ustvolskaya, "Piano Sonata No. 6" (1988). Marianne Schroeder, piano.

Emmy the Great, "Edward is Dedward" (2006).

Luigi Nono, "A Carlo Scarpa, architetto ai suoi infiniti possibili" (1984). Sinfonieorchester des Südwestfunks /Michael Gielen.

The Plums, "Au Revoir Sex Kitten" (1992).

Anthony Pateras & Robin Fox, "Cranking the Dwarf" (2003).

Ivan Wyschnegradsky, "Composition en quarts de ton" for Ondes Martenot quartet (1963). L'Ensemble d'Ondes Martenot de Montréal.

Dave Graney 'n' The Coral Snakes, "Rock'n'Roll Is Where I Hide" (1995).

And, "A Bigger Dim Sim" (2002?).

Jas Duke, "California Love Story" (for Ann Moon) (1972?). Music by The Necks.

John Cage, "Music for Marcel Duchamp" (1947). Steffen Schleiermacher, prepared piano.

Giacinto Scelsi, "Pranam II" (1973). Ensemble 2E2M /Paul Méfano.

Brigitte Bardot, "Moi Je Joue" (1964).

Tom Phillips, "Lesbia Waltz" Op.15 (1972). Andrew Ball, piano.

Kenneth Gaburo, "The Wasting of Lucrecetzia (Exit Music No.1)" (1965).

Free Kitten, "Teenie Weenie Boppie" (1997).

John Zorn, "Etude #33" from The Book of Heads (1978). Marc Ribot, guitar.

Severed Heads, "Guests" (1984).

Conlon Nancarrow, "Study for Player Piano No.36 (Canon 17/18/19/20)" (1965?-77?).

Telly Savalas, "If" (1974).

Carl Stalling, "There They Go Go Go" (1956).

The Go-Betweens, "People Say" (1978).

Yoko Ono/Plastic Ono Band, "Greenfield Morning I Pushed an Empty Baby Carriage All Over the City" (1970).

Warren Burt, "Etude 9" from 39 Dissonant Etudes (1993).

Karlheinz Stockhausen, "Klavierstück VII" (1954). Herbert Henck, piano.

George Faith, "Guide Line" (1978).

Kenneth Gaburo, "Fat Millie's Lament (Exit Music No.2)" (1965).

Mary Gauthier, "I Drink " (1999).

György Ligeti, "Hungarian Rock" (1978). Adapted for barrel orgran by Pierre Charial.

Stuffo & Beth Alphett, "BLD 2", track 7 (2006).

Laughing Clowns, "Every Dog Has Its Day" (1982).

Ingram Marshall, "Fog Tropes " (1979/82). Brass of the Orchestra of St Luke's /John Adams.

Morton Feldman, "Madame Press Died Last Week at Ninety" (1970). Orchestra of St Luke's /John Adams.

Buddy Greco, "Everybody Gets to Go to the Moon" (1969).