A selection of past and upcoming exhibitions.

New, July 2019

New exhibition: The Museum of Aphorisms and Platitudes at Rubicon ARI in Melbourne, 24 July to 10 August 2019.

Featured Exhibitions

Redrawing: String Quartet No.2 (Canon in Beta)

A new audiovisual installation version of String Quartet No.2 (Canon in Beta), made for Fiona Macdonald's group exhibition Redrawing at RMIT Project Space in Melbourne, June 2008. Revised in September 2008 for CAST (Contemporary Art Space Tasmania).

The Slips

A day-long performance at Clubs Project Inc. in 2003, playing with the anomalies of plain language, trying to shake meanings loose from the sounds of words, turning speech into music.

2000 Guitar Solos

I love and hate the guitar. So I'm going to write and play 2000 solos for it. The first installment was shown at TCB Art Inc. in 2003.

Mock Tudor No.2 (Why doesn't someone get him a Pepsi?)

"Every once in a while Don would scream at his mother 'Sue! Get me a Pepsi!' There was nothing else to do in Lancaster." My first live sound installation, generating feedback with two loudspeakers and a microphone. Presented at Bus gallery in 2002.

Third City: Walking on Red and Blue

Several walks through one city, interpreted through maps for a second city. A depiction of a Third City emerges through a spatialised array of writing, drawings, diagrams, photographs and sound. Includes images and an mp3.

Solo shows

2000 Guitar Solos (2003), drawings on paper, TCB Art Inc., Melbourne.

I Am The President Of Capitalists Inc. (2003), multi-media performance and installation, Bus Gallery, Melbourne.

Mock Tudor No.2 (Why doesn't someone get him a Pepsi?) (2002), sound installation, Bus Gallery, Melbourne.

Exploration Lane (2002), drawings on paper with photographs, map and music, Seventh Gallery, Melbourne.

Dick Without a Hole (Red Detachment of Women Mix) (2002), sound installation, Piped Music, The Physics Room, Christchurch, New Zealand.

A Visitor’s Guide to the Melbourne Underground (2001), multi-media installation, West Space, Melbourne.

Third City (1998), multi-media installation, Grey Area Art Space, Melbourne.

A PART (1997), multi-media installation, Grey Area Art Space, Melbourne (catalogue).

Group shows

Collected Collaborations (Brad Haylock, curator) 2011. Monash University Museum of Art, Melbourne.

Redrawing (Fiona Macdonald, curator) 2008. RMIT Project Space, Melbourne; CAST, Hobart.

Composition as Installation (self-curated) 2004. Conical Gallery, Melbourne.

The Containers Project (Kate Fulton, curator) 2004. Next Wave Festival, Federation Square, Melbourne.

Hearing Place Audiotheque (Ros Bandt & Iain Mott, curators) 2003. Victorian College of the Arts, Melbourne.

volumeveryone 2003, CLUBS project, Melbourne.

Gating (Michael Graeve, curator) 2002. West Space, Melbourne; Australia Council, Sydney (catalogue).

Helen Gibbins, Ben.Harper, Laresa Kosloff, 1999. First Floor, Melbourne.

Museum Magogo (Graham Ramsey & John Beagles, curators) 1999. Glasgow Project Space, Glasgow, Scotland.

artzine (Phil Edwards, curator) 1999. Spencer Street Art Gallery, Melbourne.

Fifty Record Players (Nathan Gray & Dylan Krasevac, curators) 1998. Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane; Tenement Gallery, Melbourne.