Ben grew up in the Adelaide Hills and has not yet fully adjusted to human society, despite relocating to Melbourne and then, after a murky financial misadventure, to London.

His public appearances have been rare, seldom venturing out of his bunker in East London, where he spends his time evading creditors and nursing his obscurity, mistaking it for genius. Over the past twenty years he has succumbed to pressure on a handful of occasions to present some of his music or artwork to the public in a small gallery or bar.

Boring Like A Drill

The only authoritative guide to culture. It's a blog, with fairly regular updates on what Ben has been working on, or seeing, or hearing. It's the most active part of the site, so it also announces new additions to the rest of the site. There's even an RSS feed, so you can subscribe to it instead of reading it.


A growing selection of Ben's music, now with a listening room of streaming and downloadable mp3s, a summary of past and upcoming live performances, and a list of recordings. Then there's also Please Mister Please.


Cataloguing Ben's art exhibitions past and present.


Tracking Ben's writing that appears online and on dead tree media. Includes special features unique to this website.